Closet Cleanse

essential closet cleanse with Steph
2 hrs in your closet | $425

We sift through your garments hanging in your day-to-day closet(s),
as well as folded items in dressers, shelving, etc.

  1. We review fit, quality, garment life, and sentiment :)
  2. We then determine which items are: donated, passed on to friends and fam, resold and which items need to be: repaired, dry-cleaned and/or altered or updated
  3. We provide recommendations for all of the above and can accommodate all tailoring services needed.
  4. Alteration fees are per garment, and agreed upon in advance.
  5. Quick assessment of your underthings: underpants, bras, slips.
  6. We then make a list of key items missing from your wardrobe.
15% off all Doucette merchandise for 90 days from date of cleanse, to help fill in any missing necessities, or just for some pieces you want to add and can’t live without. 

* bubbles and chocolate provided unless you request otherwise :)



deep cleanse + style session with Steph
4 hrs in your closet | $750

The essential closet cleanse - the edit you need which includes all of the above plus...

  • A fresh look on some of your favorite pieces; how to wear them differently
  • New wardrobing looks for day / work / events / weekend, with the garments you already own!
  • A serious inventory of your underthings to clarify what you’re missing:
    • Underpants (high rise ,thong, boyshort); bras (seamless, strapless, racerback); slips ( full, half); camisoles (spaghetti strap, tank); bodysuits, etc. etc. So many options and styles… not all of the above are needed.
    • We will discuss your comfort level and build from there, as it all really starts here… there are several foundational items needed in a girls’ wardrobe!
  • Legwear and sock inventory: stockings (opaque, sheer, control, color options); socks (various weights , how to wear), etc etc. this is an important category for a northeast wardrobe! A key component in wardrobing during our long winter months.


“away-for-holiday” services with Steph
1.5 hrs in your closet | $300


  • what-to-pack and how-to-pack guidelines based on destination, travel companions, and trip purpose. it’s about efficiency, ease, and comfort - even while you’re en route. No reason you can’t look and feel totally put together with minimal effort;)
  • ( applicable for 2-10 day getaways. Packing preparation for longer trips available for additional fee.)
  • will begin with wardrobe picks for days of travel.
  • art of packing tips provided once we determine number of bags we are taking!
this is always one of my first questions- do you want to roll with carry-on only, or do you want/ need to check a bag? then we can begin to find the looks for each day/ night, plus any events. 

*15% off anything in shop needed for this trip!