Doucette Made to Order

So, you’re thinking about diving into a made- to-order garment. Good move! A thoughtfully made one-of- a-kind forever piece will be yours in no time. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Schedule a consultation to dish about your vision. Send your inspo pics if you have any (via phone or in person).

2. Commit to your overall silhouette so design process can begin. We can tweak as we move along, as needed. Deposit of 50% required at this step.

3. Let the fabric sourcing begin! We present various swatches and we confirm our color story, etc.

4. Develop new pattern or revise DNY existing pattern to suit your needs.

5. First fitting with muslin (a harbinger for the finished garment that allows us to confirm our pattern specs and revise as necessary).

6. 2nd & 3rd fittings- address any last concerns /small adjustments. Bring shoes for the occasion (if relevant) to lock down hemline.

7. Follow up fittings tbd- dependent on complexity of the garment, usually just a few before dream garment is complete.

8. Final fitting - shoes, underthings, legwear etc accompany our final fitting!
We toast YOU & your beautiful custom piece :)

Congratulations for keeping your footprint as light as a kiss while looking oh-so-lovely. 

Price specs range based on shilouette, fabric, etc. 
Option 1: Customizing existing silhouettes /little to no pattern changes.
Range: $650 - $1,500

Option 2: New pattern design gowns, bridal, etc. - all the fancy garments. 
Range: $4,000 - $6,000 

*cost for other custom styles, accessories, etc. tbd at time of consult 

And, don't forget, we do Petite Doucette made to order for the littles in your life also.

To hear more about any and all of these custom options, please hit up: or (845) 809-5955. We look forward to a sweet and responsible collaboration ;)