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Doucette New York

Essential Closet Cleanse

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2 hrs in your closet | $425
I'll sift through your garments hanging in your day-to-day closet(s),
as well as folded items in dressers, shelving, etc.

  • I'll review fit, quality, garment life, and sentiment :)
  • I'll then determine which items are: donated, passed on to friends and fam, resold and which items need to be: repaired, dry-cleaned and/or altered or updated
  • I'll provide recommendations for all of the above and can accommodate all tailoring services needed.
  • Alteration fees are per garment, and agreed upon in advance.
  • Quick assessment of your underthings: underpants, bras, slips.
  • I'll then make a list of key items missing from your wardrobe.

10% off all Doucette merchandise for 30 days from date of style session, to help fill in any missing necessities, or just for some pieces you want to add and can’t live without. 

* bubbles and chocolate provided unless you request otherwise :)

Email me to schedule your appointment,