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Doucette New York

Getaway Services

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1.5 hrs in your closet | $300
What-to-pack and how-to-pack guidelines based on destination, travel companions, and trip purpose. it’s about efficiency, ease, and comfort - even while you’re en route. No reason you can’t look and feel totally put together with minimal effort ;)

  • Applicable for 2-10 day getaways. Packing preparation for longer trips available for additional fee.
  • Will begin with wardrobe picks for days of travel.
  • Art of packing tips provided once we determine number of bags we are taking!

This is always one of my first questions- do you want to roll with carry-on only, or do you want/ need to check a bag? Then I can begin to find the looks for each day/ night, plus any events. 

10% off all Doucette merchandise for 30 days from date of style session, to help fill in any missing necessities, or just for some pieces you want to add and can’t live without. 

Email me to schedule your appointment,