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Doucette New York

Trish | rose all day

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Ok, girls. Get ready to frolic away..... as poised as you may be, we are not going to promise that you won’t find yourself skipping, depetaling daisies, or finding a new lover. just. sayin’. ;) One size but so not for just one gal... and of course, all the juicy silk details galore will keep you giddy!

100% rescued* silk chiffon print

Trish is a one-size gal! Just pull the drawstring and tie a bow. or wear her open at her flounciest. 

Made with love in NYC's historic garment district in limited quantities since 2005- because we care about our footprint.

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Hit us up ~ (845) 809-5955

*rescued: to give existing fabrics new life. often our vintage goods are found from prominent design houses; sometimes goods are more current. quality, hand, and drape are key. all fabrics are hunted by the designer in small bolts to ensure exclusivity per color-way.